Speakers 2015

We are proud to announce our innovate 2015 speakers below:

Warren Poole

Advanced Manufacturing Materials

Warren Poole

Warren Poole, P.Eng.
Professor and Head, Department of Materials Engineering
Professor Warren Poole lives the dream of the materials engineer in his ability to truly engineer the required properties of a material by careful control of processing. Utilizing physically-based computer models for complex industrial processes, his work focuses on developing a better fundamental understanding of materials such as advanced aluminum/magnesium alloys and novel steels.

Walter Merida

Clean Energy Engineering

Walter Mérida

Walter Mérida, P.Eng., PPhys.
Director, Clean Energy Research Centre; Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Born in Guatemala and studied in Italy and Canada (physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering), Professor Walter Mérida‘s research expertise is in hydrogen and fuel cells within the broad area of transportation. He is currently the Director of the UBC Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC), which is dedicated to developing viable solutions for sustainable energy services.

Kostantin Beznosov

Dependable Software Systems

Konstantin Beznosov

Konstantin Beznosov, P.Eng.
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Konstantin (Kosta) Beznosov of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering directs the Laboratory for Education and Research in Secure Systems Engineering. His research and expertise include usable security, security and privacy in online social networks, and mobile security.

Heather Trajano

Green Bio-Products

Heather Trajano

Heather Trajano
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Professor Heather Trajano’s research supports the Forest Products Association of Canada’s assessment that pulp, paper and saw mills could produce new, high value bioenergy, biochemicals and biomaterials — and its challenge to generate an additional $20 billion in economic activity by 2020. The goal of her research is to make large-scale biorefineries a reality.

Greg Lawrence

Integrated Water Management

Greg Lawrence

Greg Lawrence, P.Eng.
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Professor Greg Lawrence focuses on the impact of the fluid mechanics of inland and coastal waters on water quality, chemistry and biology. He is currently investigating techniques to minimize the environmental impact of waste discharge and is restoring and rehabilitating lakes and other water systems that have been polluted.

Jon Mikkelsen

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Jon Mikkelsen

Jon Mikkelsen, P.Eng.
Director, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering; Professor of Teaching, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor Jon Mikkelsen focuses on engineering design, naval architecture, sustainable fishing gear design and mechanical design. His research has led to the improvement of ship hullform performance through waterline parabolization and the design of live capture technologies such as “fishwheels” and “fish traps” for use on rivers and estuaries.

Judy Lynam

Seniors Care

Judith Lynam

Judith Lynam, RN
Professor, School of Nursing
Professor Judith Lynam directs the Masters of Health Leadership and Policy in Seniors Care program. She draws upon her research that examines innovative ways to optimize health services for people on the margins of society; her work ensures that tomorrow’s healthcare leaders benefit from leading-edge knowledge to care for our aging population.